Why Work With Us

There are lots of reasons why you should work with us - in fact, some really important ones are outlined below.

But actually, probably the most important reason is that people do business with people they like. And you’ll like us, we promise! Not just because of all the stuff below (that’ll help though), but because we’re a great team who genuinely wants to help you achieve the best solution for you.

If you like us, you’ll work with us again, and hey, you might even recommend us. It’s a win win!



We believe business relationships are the same as personal relationships: communication is key.

We have structured our business to be both proactive and responsive to the needs of your business.


Technical Expertise

There’s a good chance you don’t really care how things work, so long as they do work, and that’s OK because our team has all the technical knowledge, expertise and drive we need.

Trade qualified and certified within an inch of our lives, Team “Smart” will run your project like a precision machine.

Because it is important for you that we stay ahead of the game and future-proof your projects, we partner with leading agencies like Callaghan Innovation and Ag Research to constantly update and innovate.


Operational Excellence

We listen; we learn; we develop; we create; we test; we deliver; we commission and most importantly, we follow up.

While that reads all about we, it’s actually all about you. Because that is the way we deliver you the best solutions.


Consistent Quality

We don’t usually talk about quality, because it is just inherent in everything we do, but seeing as we are talking about it, let’s just say our ongoing focus is on delivering, maintaining and future-proofing the best possible outcomes and solutions for you.



Complex Problems

Team Smart loves a challenge! In fairness, we love the simple stuff too, but thinking outside the box spins our wheels (yep, that really was two clichés in one sentence!)

Our initial consultation with you shines a light on the complexities of your requirements, and the rest of the process allows us to tailor an individual, best practice solution, now and for the future.


Our Team Rocks

There, we said it! We are justifiably proud of what we do every day and what we achieve for our clients. We reckon we have come up with a pretty magical circular formula:

Happy clients = successful business = job satisfaction = happy team.

And around it goes again. You like it? Come join us.


Why Work With Us?

  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank Smart Climate Solutions for the great service they provide from start to finish. Dealing with your team I have found you continuously demonstrating a high level of commitment. Smart Climate Solutions are very customer focused and friendly to deal with, which makes all the difference. Thanks for your dedication.Kirsten Smith – Skope Services.
  • I have lived in my house for 8 years and it has never been warm in all the rooms at the same time, until now. Thank you SCS for the great service, fast install and ongoing support.Tony Allwood
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